Harvey Abens Iosue Co. LPA (HAI)
is a full service law firm representing municipalities, individuals and small businesses that firmly believes that the practice of law is just as much about building long-term client relations as it is about the application of substantive law. Pursuant to this principle, HAI is a dedicated and dynamic law firm that takes pride in providing its clients with high-quality legal representation and the best client service that Ohio has to offer. The firm’s members believe that creative, proactive, client-oriented service is an integral part of the aggressive and zealous advocacy that separates HAI from other legal establishments in the area. HAI is well aware of the complex legal, emotional, and personal issues that our clients often confront. This is why it is HAI’s duty to not only resolve our client’s legal issues efficiently, but to also guide and educate our clients throughout the solution process so that they are always in the best position to make effective and informed decisions.
  HAI knows that there are no “cookie-cutter” solutions in the legal world and that every client’s legal needs are different and deserve personal attention. This is why the firm’s members are always eager to share their personal knowledge and professional experience to assist clients with all of their specific legal needs. HAI recognizes the pressures and stresses that many legal issues bring about. That is why it is incumbent upon the firm’s members to immerse themselves in a client’s issue and attempt to view a matter from the client’s perspective as well as our own. By doing this, HAI ensures that they are always in tune with a client’s needs when formulating individualized legal solutions for that client. Regardless of your situation, HAI always views each client as a new challenge and a unique opportunity to showcase its zeal for the practice of law and client service.   The attorneys at HAI are passionate about the practice of law and the opportunity it presents to help clients and the public at large. It is for this reason that HAI treats its clients like it does, because without clients there is no practice of law. This is precisely why so much emphasis is put on client relations and why HAI believes that legal representation should always be synonymous with words such as compassion, respect, loyalty, diligence, and trust. We use these words as professional beacons as we effectuate the best legal solutions and outcomes that are available for our clients.